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Introducing Science FUNdamentals:
Winnipeg Chapter

We are a branch of Science FUNdamentals at the University of Manitoba hoping to serve the Winnipeg community this coming Winter 2023! We are looking forward to providing students at UofM with meaningful volunteering opportunities to provide elementary children with engaging exposure in STEM fields. The SciFUN UManitoba team is establishing a foundation upon which to recruit volunteers and reach schools across the city.

The Team


Chanho Lee


Hey, I'm Chanho Lee, the President at SciFUN UManitoba. I'm currently in my 4th year of Biology at the UofM. I am excited to get to know everyone that'll be joining our program. I look forward to the growth of SciFUN UManitoba.


Oluwabunmi Adeyemi

Co-Vice President

Hello, I am Oluwabunmi Adeyemi, the Co- Vice President of SciFUN UManitoba. I'm currently
in my 2nd year studying Biological Science at the UofM. I am looking forward to having another great year in Science
FUNdamentals UManitoba.


Greg Karvelas

Co-Vice President

Hey, my name is Greg Karvelas and I am the Co-Vice President of SciFUN UManitoba. I’m currently in my 3rd year of Biochemistry at the UofM. I cannot wait to further develop the SciFUN program at the UofM! I am excited to work with the rest of this year’s amazing team to ignite the passion for science in kids across the province!


Matteo Funk

Volunteer Director

Hello, I am Matteo Funk, the Volunteer Director of SciFUN UManitoba. I am currently in the third year of my biochemistry degree at the University of Manitoba. My role is to communicate with and guide all volunteers within the UManitoba branch. I look forward to meeting all our
new and returning volunteers along with furthering SciFUN’s impact on our community.


Darshan Singh

Co-Activities Director

Hi, I'm Darshan, a co-activities director at SciFUN Manitoba. I'm currently a 2nd-year microbiology student. My responsibility at SciFUN is to create thrilling and information-packed presentations and demos. I am excited for what is to come and ready to excite young scientists!


Gabriella Barone


Activities Director

Hey everyone! I’m Gabriella Barone, and I’m a 2nd year microbiology student. As co-activities director, I’m responsible for making and improving our classroom presentations. I can’t wait to get kids excited about science with SciFUN Manitoba!


Amina Mohammed

Fundraising Director

Hey everyone! My name is Amina Mohammed and I’m a third year Genetics major. This year, I am the Fundraising Director for SciFUN Winnipeg where I will be responsible to plan and organize fundraisers to raise money for SciFUN. In my spare time, I like to practice Arabic calligraphy and bake delicious goods. I happily look forward for the success of SciFUN at the U of Manitoba this year!



Finance Director

We are looking for someone to take this role!


Joshua Jamila


External Director

Hello everyone! I’m Joshua Jamila, and I am currently in my 2nd year of Health Sciences at the U of M. As the External Director for SciFUN UManitoba, I am responsible for communicating with teachers and schools across Winnipeg. I am looking forward to contributing to Science education through SciFUN UManitoba.

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