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Introducing Science FUNdamentals: Hamilton Chapter 
McMaster University 

This year, we are hoping to grow and establish Science FUNdamentals as an opportunity to inspire interest in science in young students, as well as offer a chance for current students of STEM to share their passion in the Hamilton community. As this is our first year being ratified by the McMaster Student Union (MSU), we hope to increase outreach through MSU hosted events, host interesting fundraising events ourselves and provide engaging lessons and experiments to multiple schools in the area.

Meet our Team!

Lisa Su


Welcome! My name is Lisa and I am currently a fourth year Biochemistry student. I am the President of the Hamilton branch of SciFUN, and I hope to create a space where STEM enthusiasts are able to share their knowledge and passion for science with the younger generation. Interestingly, as a result to the pandemic, I have learned to watch all videos, including TV shows, lecture etc. at 2x speed or more. 

Gary Zhou
Vice President

Hi! My name is Gary and I am currently entering my fourth year of the Biology and Pharmacology program. This year, I am the Vice President of SciFUN, and I hope to share and inspire the love of science to the younger generation. I am currently on co-op at the Princess Margaret Cancer Research Tower in Toronto, but I can't wait to come down to Hamilton and attend lessons, experiments and fundraising events! 

Saduni Rajapaksa
Volunteer Director

Hi! My name is Saduni, and I am currently in my third year in the Health Sciences program. This year, I am the Volunteer Director for SciFUN, and I am looking forward to doing cool experiments with students, as well as hosting some fun fundraising events! One fun fact about me is that I prefer cats over dogs! 

Emma Abreu
External Director


Hi! My name is Emma and I am entering my second year in the Chemical Biology program at McMaster. This year, I will be the External Director at SciFUN and I look forward to connecting with the community, especially since I am not from Hamilton. I absolutely love reading, and my favourite books include Normal People, My Policeman and The Song of Achilles.

Aasiyah Sukhera
Co-Activities Director


Hello! My name is Aasiyah Sukhera and I am in my third year of the Life Sciences program. I will be the Activities Director this year and I am very excited to watch the ambition of Science FUNdamentals expand nationwide, especially in my home province. A fun fact about me is that every summer, I go camping and each time, it's somewhere different across Ontario!

Image (1).jpeg
Vansh Shah
Co-Activities Director

Hi! My name is Vansh Shah and I am beginning my third year of the Life Sciences program. I am entering SciFUN as the Activities Director and I am most excited to create new activities for others to learn and enjoy. One fun fact about me is that I have visited over 20 different countries.

Mansi Patel
Finance Director

Hello! I am Mansi and I will be going into my third year of the Health Sciences program. This year, I am the Finance Director of SciFUN, and I am super excited to be able to interact with the youth and share my love of science with them! When I have time to spare, I enjoy travelling and exploring the world.

dca5570f-05d7-481a-9771-6494354c2664 (1).JPG
Afeef Vehra
Fundraising Director

Hi guys! My name is Afeef Vehra and I am in my third year of the Honours Life Science program. This year, I am the Fundraising Director, and I am excited to work with such an amazing team and look forward to inspiring and introducing the youth to the field of science. A fun fact about me is that I love sports, especially soccer, and I am currently learning boxing and hope to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the near future.

Rebecca Burchett

Hello! My name is Rebecca and I am currently in my fourth year of my PhD in Biochemistry, studying cancer immunotherapy. I am the club advisor for SciFUN and I'm super excited to get our demonstrations and volunteers into local classrooms! I'm also excited to start building a community of McMaster students who all share a passion for science and teaching. I have previously worked with SciFUN UAlberta for four years when I was completing my undergraduate degree there, so I hope to have success with a new team at McMaster University in my fifth year of working with this organization!

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