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Meet Our Edmonton Team

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Dania Al-Rimawi


Hi! I'm Dania, and I'm in m​y fourth year of biological sciences. This is my third year with SciFUN, and I am so excited for another great year of working with my wonderful team members, and fostering passion and curiosity in the next generation of scientists! In my free time, I can usually be found playing with my dogs or eating ice cream!

Sehar Qureshi
Vice President

Hello! I'm going into my third year of a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and loving every second of it. I deeply enjoy teaching random physiology-related facts to kids and biking without a helmet (I know, I know). This is my second year with SciFUN and I'm looking forward to this year's FUNday!

Mahmoud Gheblawi
External Director

Howdy! I’m Mahmoud, a 5th year graduate student studying heart disease. I’ve been with Science Fundamentals since 2016 and look forward to engaging with our volunteers and teachers this year. My hobbies include weightlifting, running and urban farming!


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Ceili Green
Volunteer Director


Hi! My name is Ceili and I am a fourth year science student studying Biology and Psychology. In my free time I love going on long walks and bike rides in the river valley and watching movies with my cat. This is my second year with SciFUN, and I look forward to working closely with our lovely volunteers and execs to help encourage curiosity and spread fascination with all things science to the elementary schoolers of Edmonton. 

Andrea Zhao

Co-FUNday Director


I’m Andrea and I’ll be going into my second year of neuroscience! I’m stoked to be working alongside an incredible team as we bring FUNday 2024 to life. I’d like to think that we’re the modern, more caffeinated Knights of the Round Table, defenders of scientific cheer. Our mortal enemies are probably deadlines.

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Jappn Grewal 

FUNday Director



Hi! I’m currently in my fourth year of Biological Sciences at the UofA and this is my third year volunteering with SciFUN. I’m super excited to be working with an amazing team to help spread a love of science and am looking forward to hosting an in person FUNday! When I am not studying, you can find me binging TV shows, reading or catching up with my friends.

James Stewart

FUNday Activities Director

As a 4th year Biological Sciences student, I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and underprepared going into a lab. As FUNday Activities Director, I’m excited to provide the tools and training you’ll need to avoid this feeling going into FUNDay 2024! In my free time, I love reading, doing jigsaw puzzles without the picture, or drawing structural isomers of C7H12O on the back of old assignments.

Vivian Chiu
General Activities Director

Hello! My name is Vivian, and I'm in my fourth year of Neuroscience. This is my second year with SciFun, and I'm looking forward to delivering a fulfilling volunteer experience, as well as enriching the learning experience of elementary students, through new and improved demos! In my spare time, I enjoy exploring the city for the best eats, discovering new music, and binge-watching anime.

Ali Zahiriabyaneh

Finance Director


Hi! I am entering my fourth year of sciences studying psychology. This is my third year with SciFUN and I am excited to work together with the rest of our amazing team for another successful year. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, watching anime, and gaming with friends.

Holly Tang
Fundraising Director

Hi! I'm Holly, and I'm in my fourth year of biological sciences. This is my second year with SciFUN, and I'm really excited about working with a team that's passionate about sharing our love and knowledge of science with younger generations! I’m also looking forward to having fun and successful fundraisers! When I'm not at school, I enjoy trying out new food spots with friends and binge watching shows.

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