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How do I get Science FUNdamentals into my classroom?


We are always looking for new classrooms to partner with! Please send an email to our External Director at and express your interest to join us!



How can I become involved as a volunteer?


If you are a U of A student who would like to volunteer with us, look out for our recruitment times at the begnining of September and January. If you are unable to find the volunteer application form, please contact the Volunteer Director at


What does a Science FUNdamentals - School partnership look like?


Once you have registered your classroom with us, we find a suitable pair of volunteers to match you with. These volunteers will go to your class 5 times thoughout the year (ideally once in October, November, January, Febuary, and March) and present the activities/demos that you request (as long as they are from our website). Teachers stay in touch with our volunteers by email. 


How can you ensure that the volunteers you send us are qualified?


Each year, we have more volunteer applications than we do volunteer positions. The SF executives hold interviews to ensure that we have quality volunteers representing us. Furthermore, there are detailed documents that accompany each demo. We strongly encourage our volunteers to review these in advance so they are refreshed on the science topic at hand. 


How does Science FUNdamentals receive funding?


Science FUNdamentals currently receives ~20% of our funding from the Faculty of Science. Outside of this, we are very dependant on grants, fundraising and donations to raise enough funds to continue our operations. Currently, all of the programming that we offer is free! We believe that financial barriers should not prevent anyone from learning, and we do not plan on changing this in the future. We are also a registered charity, which allows us to focus funding on our continued expansion efforts. If you are interested in supporting our group financially, please contact our Finance Director at 

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