Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to attend the event?

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and Science FUNweek being held online, there will be no fee.


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How do I register for the event?

Registration for Science FUNweek 2021 is now open! 


When does registration close?

Registration for FUNweek 2021 will close on March 17, 2021.

When is the event?

Science FUNweek will take place March 20 to March 26, 2021.

 in mid-January. Spots are limited due to safety and fire regulations.

How do I register for tours?

Tour registration is available on site the day of the event on a first-come first-served basis. Volunteers will be happy to direct you to the Tour Registration Desks. Please understand that spots are very limited due to safety and fire regulations.

Why is there a fee? 

Science FUNday has grown in size over the years—approximately 2500 guests attend each year! The event relies heavily on student volunteers, sponsorships, grants, donations, and profit from the previous year’s concession. We have introduced a nominal fee to assist with recovering event costs (e.g. demo materials, cleaning, etc) and to ensure that the event offers the best possible experience for all young scientists who will participate, learn, and experiment! 


All remaining proceeds following cost recovery will go towards preparing the next Science FUNday as well as Science FUNdamentals’ regular classroom programming throughout the year. The student group and registered charity conducts experiments throughout the year in classrooms all over the city of Edmonton. Kind donations greatly help continue showing kids how awesome science can be.

Is there flexibility regarding the entry time?

There is plenty of flexibility with when you virtually attend FUNweek. The event is come and go as you please.

Will the event be held live?

Science FUNweek will be a hybrid of both live content and pre-recorded videos, allowing you to attend the event at your convenience.

Where do I get my FUNweek tickets? Do I need to print my email confirmation?

There is no need to print off your confirmation emails, just provide the names of all guests that will be attending the event while registering.

We can no longer attend the event. What can we do? 

All cancellations for attending Science FUNweek must be sent by email to


Is the event safe for kids?

Absolutely! The event was made to show kids the FUN of science. Each virtual experiment is conducted by trained volunteers. F


What do I need to attend the event?

Given that Science FUNweek is virtual, you do require a computer or other device to attend the event; however, a webcam and mic are not necessary. 


Where will the event occur?

The online platform where we will be hosting Science FUNweek is TBD, so stay tuned for future updates! irst aid will be on site as well.

My child has special needs. Will you be able to accommodate us?

Our team will do our best to ensure that you and your child will experience all that FUNday has to offer. Please contact us at before the event to request accommodation.


My child is very interested in biology and chemistry. What do you have and where will these features be located?

The Science FUNday schedule and map will be available online in early February. Demo booths, presentation halls, bathrooms, first aid, etc are all located on the map. Volunteers in purple and orange shirts will also be happy to direct you.

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