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Colours! Explosions! Bubbling beakers! Welcome to our amazing selection of chemistry demonstrations and presentations! They're guaranteed to blow your mind! Take some time to learn about the teeny-tiny particles that make up everything and some chemical reactions that make life possible!




  • Magic Sand

  • Burning Flour

  • Burning Money

  • Cleaning Pennies (bronze, silver, gold)

  • Dry ice

  • Elephant Toothpaste

  • Ivory Soap Soufflé

  • Lava Lamp

  • Liquid Nitrogen

  • Styrofoam and acetone

  • Tie-Dye Milk

  • Volcano

  • The Amazing Glow Room

  • Let's Talk Science 

  • U of A Chemistry Students Association




  • U of A Chemistry Professor - Dr. Jensen

  • Grant MacEwan Chemistry Professor - Dr. Gelmini

  • Chemistry Teacher at Paul Kane High School - Mr. Ng

  • Let's Talk Science


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