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Booking Venue



  1. Check the availability of the PCL lounge here

  2. Contact the Faculty of Science to book CCIS Lounges:     

  3. Subject
    [DATE] - PCL Lounge Booking Application (e.g. "Sept 21 - PCL Lounge Booking Application")

  4. Introduce yourself and your student group/purpose of booking

  5. Thank them for using the venue last year

  6. Attach Application Form found on this website
             **Note that in the past, the booking has been...
                       Location: PCL Lounge 
                       Dates: Friday (set-up) and Saturday (FUNday)
                       Time: Friday (4PM-10PM) and Saturday (8AM-6PM)

  7. After CCIS is booked, you will be asked to fill out a Facility Form  











Equipment is rented from SMS Dispatch. When you book CCIS, you will be asked to indicate how much equipment (tables, chairs, bulletin boards) you need so the Faculty of Science can place a tentative order for you. You do not need to contact SMS Dispatch directly. Overestimate the quantity of equipment - you will be asked to confirm the quantity 2 weeks prior to the event. It is easier to decrease than increase. 


(780) 492-4122



60 tables, 100 chairs, 6 bulletin boards 



60 tables, 100 chairs, 6 bulletin boards



87+ tables, 210 chairs, 30 bulletin boards
Borrowed tables: 8 from Faculty of Science (already in the storage room), 4 from ISSS, 4 from SUB (Student Union), 10 from HUB (Student's Association)










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