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Booking Lecture Halls

Contact Examinations and Timetabling to book lecture theaters CCIS 1-430 and 1-440:

              (780) 492‑5221


For bookings by e-mail please include the following information: 


  1. Your name

  2. Name of student group     
          **They may tell you that it is too early to make a booking - you will explain that due           to the size of the event and the number of external groups that are invited we                   need to secure a date/time/venue as soon as possible. 

  3. Your contact information (number and e-mail)

  4. Purpose of the booking 

  5. Event date(s) and start/end times       
          **Book the lecture theatres for set-up (Friday) and FUNday (Saturday) 
          **Set-up is generally 4PM to 10PM 
          **FUNday is generally 8AM to 6PM 

  6. Location
          CCIS: 1-430 and 1-440

  7. Number of people attending

  8. Are attendees UAlberta members, public, or both?

  9. Is there a charge to attend your event(s)?

  10. Will food and/or drinks be present in the room during the event? 

  11. Additional information or questions pertaining to your planned event(s)


For more information:

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