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Genetics, Biochemistry, Ecology, Marine Biology, Paleontology, Botany and Microbiology! We have it all in our amazing biology demos and tours! Theres a lot to touch and interact with in our biology section, including some special (furry) visitors from the Valley Zoo, and all kinds of cool sea creatures to see and feel in our marine touch tanks! Dive into genetics by extracting DNA from a strawberry, and look at some miniscule bacteria under the microscope! If you are interested in the science of life, these are the demos for you! 




  • Strawberry DNA

  • Catalase Action

  • Microscope

  • Hominind Skulls

  • Parisitology

  • U of A Botany Students Association




  • Marine Touch-Tanks

  • Rowan Lab (Ecology)

  • Entomology 

  • Dino Lab




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